Zoltan Du Lac

To call Zoltan's past sketchy is like saying British Petroleum has a small PR problem. He would like to state for the record that the 2016 "incident" was not his fault, and has apologised to the celebrities involved for the any embarrassing video that may have surfaced on the web as a result.

Although all the band members contributed to Conflicting Plaid's lyrics, Zoltan's additions push the boundaries of good taste — Ozzy Osbourne has allegedly been quoted to have said Zoltan is a sick, depraved and disgusting human being (actually, no one really knows for sure what he exactly said, but if you dream, you may as well reach for the stars!)

When not performing or writing lyrics with the band, Zoltan hacks web technology together on his blog User Agent Man.

Ian Deadly

Ian formed Conflicting Plaid with lead singer Zoltan Du Lac back in 1997 after the break-up of their previous band, The Secret Plaid Underground, a.k.a. S.P.U (rumour has it the cause of this parting of ways was due to the band members never showing up to gigs). Ian recorded and produced their first album, Adultery, Incest and Condoms — he then disappeared for a number of years and the band has yet to receive any royalties from this CD.

After a brief seven year hiatus performing with Toronto Goth band Perdition, Ian got back to his punk roots and reformed Conflicting Plaid in 2009. And no, we didn't use "Those Photos" we found on 4chan to blackmail him into doing it (although we are saving that up for something special).

Sean Brubringer

Sean has been an angry punk for most of his life, taking a brief hiatus back in 1987 to follow Culture Club across North America during their Kissing To Be Clever tour. He first met the other members of Conflicting Plaid after kicking them out of a local bar (and no, he wasn't working as a bouncer there). After getting to know him better, the other members begged him to join the band as their drummer, if only to stop the beatings. He is known for his punchy drum beats as well his fists and is is also the drummer for Toronto psychobilly band The House of Haunt.

He and Zoltan have shot, edited and encoded quite a few of Conflicting Plaid's music videos and has built up an impressive portfolio. They may be hired for parties, bar mitzvahs and "private couple action videos" for a small fee (his former clients, apparently, include Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump).

Varth Daver

Dave just started showing up to rehearsals with beer, so we decided it would be in our best interest to make him the newest member of the band. His pre-Conflicting Plaid life is a little hazy, but while Dave has been very quiet about his past, but we have been able to piece together a few interesting facts. Unlike his other Plaids, Dave is also a very pious man: for three years, he was touring South America promoting his own cult, "The Church of the Flying Llama (LLC)". However, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances involving himself, 4 kilograms of bath-salts and the President of a sovereign nation we would rather not disclose publicly (North Korea), Dave left with remarkable speed back to Canada. When he is not playing with the Plaids or fighting extradition orders, Dave spends time with his family and fulfills the requirements of his parole at his home in Toronto's west end.